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Taverna El Glop
Taverna El Glop has been located in the heart of Gracia since 1978, a place with a special charm and a very local decoration that quickly transports us to one of our farmhouses.
Brasería EL Glop
Known as the “Taverna del Teatre” due to its location opposite the Tívoli Theater, it welcomes locals, theater workers and tourists every day, given its fantastic location next to Plaza Cataluña. A spacious room decorated with a personal and very ours character. El Glop's style is steeped in art and theater on the walls of the Brasería.
El Glop de la Rambla
Located in the emblematic Rambla Cataluña, one of the most important commercial areas of the city. This place has a splendid terrace to enjoy our gastronomy in the open air and spacious decorated rooms full of charm, decorated in wood and stone.

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On September 9, 1978, in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood, Joan Ricart’s adventure begins with the opening of La Taberna de El Glop. A now iconic place, which was born with a very clear idea, to offer Catalan gastronomy with fresh products from the Catalan peasantry.

Nowadays many things have changed, but there is something that has not, and that is the freshness of our products. We continue to offer Catalan cuisine, but we have added new products, modernizing the menu and mixing Catalan with international cuisine, thus offering meticulous dishes full of flavor.

In 1996 we opened El Glop de la Rambla and a year later La Taverna del Teatre. A total of three restaurants where you can taste good Catalan cuisine, made with care and fresh products and that have given us our own identity, our own label, El Glop.



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Enjoy an authentic calçotada in the EL GLOP restaurants

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Traditional Catalan cuisine, fresh and natural products to make classic and delicious recipes that never go out of style. Ours is a market cuisine, healthy and local, with many seasonal dishes such as artichokes, calçots, wild asparagus, etc.

These seasonal dishes are mixed in our menu and our kitchens with others whose incomparable flavor make them a fixed bet in our restaurants, they are grilled meats, rice, snails, fish or sausages, among others.

A gastronomic proposal in which simplicity, the classic prevails, which values the product, its quality and its flavor. A proposal adapted to the present and fresh but that does not forget its origins.