Currently the Glop has three excellent restaurants in Barcelona. In all of them the same style of traditional Catalan farmhouse is maintained, the quality of the products, the taste for Mediterranean cuisine and the know-how of its employees.

Each place has its own peculiarities, many of them subject to its history and location. Spread around the city and in order of opening, we find: La Taberna El Glop also known as El Glop de Gracias, El Glop de la Rambla and La Brasería el Glop, the last and largest of them all.

La Taberna El Glop

Interior room of Taberna el Glop

Interior room of Taberna el Glop

It was the first of the family of restaurants in Barcelona, and it was founded in 1978 during the celebration of the famous main festivals in the Gracia neighborhood. Its privileged location gives it a style and a very close and familiar atmosphere.

This now classic local in the city is ideal for all types of public and clients, especially for families and groups who want to spend a very pleasant evening.
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El Glop Gaudí

Brasería El Glop

El Glop Brasserie Room

El Glop Brasserie Room

It is at the moment, the newest of the premises. Located in the heart of the city, a few meters from Paseo de Gracia, the most important and elegant street in the city for culture and business, it is the largest of the whole family.

In front of the establishment, is the Tivoli, one of the most historic theaters in the city. So much so that this restaurant in Barcelona is also known as the theater tavern.

Ideal place for all types of public, privileged, rustic and elegant environment. A lot of space and comfort, but always keeping the warmth and the typical surroundings of the house.
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Gastronomic offer of restaurants in Barcelona

We all know about the great gastronomic offer that Barcelona presents. In its streets and promenades, we can find hundreds of places to eat, of the most diverse typology and specialty. High-class establishments run by famous chefs and others less glittering but with exquisite dishes. Exotic businesses and businesses of a lifetime. Large, small and medium. Establishments that you would not enter at first sight, but from which you cannot escape once you have tried their cuisine. And others that seem like paradise and then are not so.

Yes, friends, this is the restaurant business in Barcelona, endless surprises and places to discover. And like everything in life, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. You always have to take it as a new experience.

And among all of them, the Glop family. Restaurants with history that have managed to raise their heads above the majority thanks to their work, dedication and daily effort. A safe bet for any type of public; family, business, romantic … Fashionable restaurants for life.